How to Start NOT Making Money in Affiliate Marketing


“Earn Cash Fast with Affiliate Marketing!”

You may see this advertised all over the place including social media. Instantly, you are intrigued and want to learn more and expect to earn money faster than ever. You find out fast that you do not make that fast money and even though you are promoting every day, you’re still not making it.

I’m sure you have heard great things about affiliate marketing and all the programs available. You’ve read the testimonials from people claiming to have made thousands when they are really using images the program provides. You believe it and jump on the bandwagon trying to make that quick cash. Then reality hits. It’s not as easy as it looks or as easy as all these people promoting make it look.

The first time you started looking into affiliate marketing programs you thought that joining everything would bring you fast success. You joined 20 programs and started promoting everything and losing track of where you promoted. You also found out you were wrong about earning that quick cash. That is how NOT make money in affiliate marketing.

How can you be successful?

First, find a program that you are really interested in. If you don’t like what you are promoting, your  potential customers are going to sense this and they WILL go somewhere else. Learn all you can about the company and program before you even try to promote it. Promoting only to recruit gets you nowhere.

Second, FOCUS on just one program. Don’t overdo it. When you try to promote more than one program, you lose focus on the one that could make you the best money. Learn how to market that one program.

Third, learn about writing effective ads. So many people just copy and paste the same ads and quite frankly, they get boring reading the same thing over and over again. Put some excitement into your ads. The more exciting the ad, the more interest you are going to have from potential customers.

Affiliate Marketing is not easy. You must know your company, your product or service, and how to market it effectively for it to work.