eCom Profit Sniper Review


What is the eCom Profit Sniper and are the claims true that you can earn $2000 a day consistently?

eCom Profit Sniper is not quite a scam because it does offer training on how to sell and dropship products on Shopify.

Can you do this yourself ? Yes. You just need to research dropshippers for yourself and learn what products sell. This can be a tedious task. eCom Profit Sniper helps you learn how to choose the category, how to set up the store, set up a store that converts, and how to get people to your store. This information is helpful. However, no one can guarantee you can make $2000 a day selling anything consistently. This is very misleading.

If you can use the training, then this system will help you that way. But that’s it. I don’t want to believe all the claims because I’ve been there. Good luck.

I won’t link to the page because there is a problem with google and this page. Maybe its not secure?